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Welcome to ATS Alumni

This site is the meeting point for all students, ex students, faculty and all those associated with the glorious tradition of our Alma Mater, ATS.

ATS, the very name evokes sweet nostalgia of a golden past for all our ex students. The mind immediately fills up with joyous memories. Like a movie, images of the college, the hostels, the teachers and THE FRIENDS flash past our consciousness leaving behind a sweet fragrance and a lingering sadness.

Shed the sadness friends. Our Alma Mater beckons us ! It is time once again to celebrate our golden years ! It is time again to reunite ! It is time again to join hands ! It is time again to salute our great tradition and say VIVA ATS !

Through this site we shall try to keep ourselves updated,initiate some actions useful to the society, extend our helping hands to our collegues who needs the most and a lot more .....
Pabitra Roy Choudhuri ATS II

Dear ATSians,
Sub: ATS Ambernath Alumni Association, Central Committee Office Bearers - 2011 - 14
During the ATS Alumni Diamond Jubilee Meet, ATSians have unanimously elected the Chennai team to manage the Central Committee affairs. Reciprocating the gesture we, very humbly accept to shoulder the responsibility. We thank all the ATSians for reposing confidence in us.
All our future dealings will be under the name "Central Committee, ATS Ambernath Alumni Association". We shall endeavor to unite all ATSians all over the world for the common cause of our Alumni.
During our first Central Committee meeting which took place on 27 - 01 - 2011 in Chennai, we have recorded the following resolutions.
  1. The Central Committee, ATS Ambernath Alumni Association takes pride in congratulating and appreciating the team of Ambernath, in particular Mr.M.B.Nagarajan ATS 1, Mr.Prabir Ghose RTS 7, Mr.J.C.Bagchi ATS 4, Mr.A.David RTS 5 and the organizing committee for their matched show of strength in managing the various activities and conducting Diamond Jubilee meet successfully. We thank you and entire fellow ATSians who participated in the emotional union of Alumni.
  2. The newly contituted Central Committee for the term of three years consists the following office bearers.
  3. We confirm that each zonal committee is autonomous. The Central Committee will coordinate with the zonal committees as and when necessary and help them function effectively.
  4. We solicit the cooperation of zonal committees with a request to nominate a representative and intimate their names and addresses to us to felicitate interaction.
  5. Our endeavor is to establish contact with the entire ATSians worldwide and circulate the turn of events amongst our Alumni probably in the form of News Letter and to cooperate in an effective manner to buildup healthy fellowship.
  6. We will be failing in our duties if we do not mention the active part played by the outgoing Central Committee headed by Mr.K.C.Sharma. We anticipate brotherhood and guidance.
With warm regards,
Pabitra Roy Choudhuri,
President, Central Committee, ATS Ambernath Alumni Association.